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Medium 3'×3'

Medium 3'×3'

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WEIGHT: 1.98 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 3' x 3' (.91m x .91m)

  • EXPERIENCE PEACE OF MIND: You're guaranteed 100% leakproof protection! PeapodMats are capable of holding up to 6 cups of water and are reusable for over 500 washes. Say goodbye to constant worries about accidents and laundry, and hello to uninterrupted sleep!

  • SECURE PLACEMENT: Unlike traditional bedwetting mats, PeapodMats stay in place without the need for flaps, straps, or Velcro. Our mats lay flat on the bed and don’t bunch or move throughout the night!

  • COMFORT REDEFINED: Made with a soft, breathable cotton top, PeapodMats provide unmatched comfort. Say goodbye to the "plastic crinkle" sound and "cold vinyl" feel – our pee pads offer a cozy sleeping surface that promotes better rest!

  • EASY MAINTENANCE: No special wash instructions are needed! Simply toss PeapodMats in with your regular laundry and tumble dry for hassle-free cleaning and care!

  • CERTIFIED SAFETY: Rest assured knowing that PeapodMats are free of harmful chemicals. Our mats undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they're PFAS, PVC, phthalates, vinyl, and latex-free, providing a safe and green solution for your family and the environment!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews

    I love the pea pod mats. They work really well. When I ordered the “light” gray what I actually got was no way a light gray. It's dark gray and I’m
    not happy with that. I got white and light blue last time I ordered
    none of which were available this time. 🤨

    Cynthia Z

    These mats have truly made potty training less stressful! They’re leakproof. When my child has an accident I only have to wash the mat and not the whole bed. Definitely worth the price!


    The best niche parenting item I’ve ever purchased. Saved me a lot of time and headaches not to mention sleep.

    Great product!

    I heard about Peapods from a blogger that I follow on Instagram so I was certainly sceptical about these at first. After thinking about it for months, I finally broke down and ordered the 3x3 for my bed. I suffered nerve damage from a spinal cord injury 15 years ago, I've had to use various crib liners and blue pads which I could never 100% count on and usually wound up somewhere else in the bed by morning. I used my Peapod for one night and that thing NEVER MOVED! I'm a very restless sleeper and this thing survived every toss and turn. I immediately ordered 2 more.


    No hesitation in recommending this