How To Use PeapodMats

How To Use PeapodMats

You just got your first PeapodMat. Congratulations!

We get a lot of questions about exactly how to use the PeapodMat, so in this post, we wanted to break it down for you. We'll show you how to use your PeapodMat, how to take care of it, and how it works! You can use your mat for just about anything from bedwetting to breastfeeding to tummy time. Here’s how.

How Do I Use My PeapodMat?

For Sleeping



If you purchased your PeapodMat as a bedwetting mat for a child or a loved one who wet the bed at night, use the PeapodMat to keep the sheets and mattress dry. Before bed, lay the mat flat on the section of the bed where you or your loved one sleeps. We recommend that the PeapodMat be placed slightly under the pillow to anchor it. Smooth out the mat before climbing into bed; that way, it won't bunch, move, or gather when you’re sleeping.


If you’re using the PeapodMat on a queen-sized bed, lay the mat horizontally across the bed for width coverage or vertically for length coverage – it comes down to personal preference and sleeping style.



For potty training


If your child is potty training, it's nice to have the extra support of a PeapodMat. Use it wherever they go – in bed, their booster seat, the car, or the couch. Just lay it flat on any surface and throw it in the wash if your child has an accident, leaving the surface below totally clean.

If your child still wears pull-ups, it's up to you if they wear the pull-ups to bed too, but we find it’s unnecessary since our mat was designed to hold more liquid than a child’s bladder.

However, we recommend that boys wear both underwear and PJs (vs one or the other). The male anatomy can be tricky and end up pointing in all directions in the middle of the night. It's been our experience that the waistband from both the underwear and PJs ensures there isn't a "spray" everywhere.


For lounging


Sometimes accidents happen during the day, too!

If that’s the case, keep your PeapodMat handy for reading, watching movies, or lounging around. Just lay the mat flat on the couch, chair, or lounging area. Smooth out your mat, and it’ll stay flat on any carpeted or textured surface.

If you or your loved one accidentally pees, the surface beneath the mat will remain dry and odour-free. If you’re on a hardwood floor, the mat can slide around, so we don’t recommend the PeapodMat for any area that isn’t textured (like a couch, mattress, or carpet).


For wheelchairs & dining chairs


Use our small mat, that measures 1.5 x 1.5, on the wheelchair seat or dining chair to help protect against any accidents.

The small PeapodMat is ideal for wheelchair users when going on outings, long walks, or car rides. Place the mat flat on the seat of the wheelchair, ideally before your loved one sits down. Make sure to check the mat from time to time or check-in with your loved one – if they had an accident, you can remove the mat from their wheelchair.

However, the good news is that if you can’t remove the mat for a few hours for whatever reason, there’s no need to worry. The 1.5 x 1.5 PeapodMat is designed to absorb and hold up to one cup of liquid.


For sleeping bags

If you’re going on a family camping trip and your child wets the bed, bring your PeapodMat!

This one requires a little more coordination to get it in the sleeping bag, but your mat will keep the interior dry and protected from any nighttime accidents. First, unzip the sleeping bag as far as it will go. Then, place the mat vertically inside. Have your child "climb into bed" as carefully as possible, and then zip them up!

They might need to shift around to make sure the mat is underneath them, but once they have, they’re good to go!


For breastfeeding or burping


The PeapodMat is excellent for breastfeeding or for burping your baby. Sling the mat over your shoulder for burping, or use it to cover up like you would any nursing towel for breastfeeding.

The PeapodMat feels soft to the touch and can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid, keeping your clothes dry and clean!


For playtime


You can use the PeapodMat for playtime or tummy time with your toddlers as long as you’re supervising them. Lay the mat flat on a carpeted surface, and let your child roam. As long as it's on a carpeted surface, the mat won't bunch or move while your child crawls around. If they're on their tummy, fear not – our mats are breathable and soft to the touch.


How Do I Clean My PeapodMat?

The PeapodMat was designed for easy use. You aren’t required to do anything differently than when you wash regular towels. Just launder your mat with like colours and treat it like a big towel in your regular wash.

That said, we don’t recommend using fabric softeners, dryer sheets, dryer balls or bleach. These products are known to reduce the quality of waterproofing.

If your mat isn't completely dry after the dry cycle, just throw it back in!

If you need to deodorize your PeapodMat from time to time, you can do so by using vinegar or OxiClean. Add one cup of vinegar or follow the directions on your OxiClean package to your regular wash cycle.

Lastly, if you notice that the mat is stiff after a regular wash cycle, too much detergent is probably to blame! Just like regular towels, too much detergent can build up and stiffen cotton over time. If your PeapodMat has lost its soft texture, wash it with a cup of vinegar and baking soda, then give it a thorough rinse. Doing this should help make the mat soft and fluffy again, but you might need to take these steps a couple of times.


How Do PeapodMats Absorb Liquids?

The PeapodMat absorbs liquid quickly, so it doesn't pool. The liquid will disperse amongst the top and middle layers. Our mats use use our own POD-TEX™ technology – a unique triple-layer design to that makes our mats leakproof, breathable, and reusable.

The PeapodMat can safely absorb more than 1 litre or 6 cups of liquid. That's more than the average adult will urinate (a healthy adult bladder can hold up to 16 ounces or 2 cups of urine).

Some customers have found that the area beneath the mat feels damp or cool to the touch. Here's why. PeapodMats won't leak, but they do breathe! When designing our mats, we made a conscious decision that they are as breathable and green as possible.

The TPU waterproof coating is a green alternative to PVC, plastic, or vinyl. This means that it’s breathable and that vapours can escape, but liquids can’t. And since urine is made of over 90% water, water may evaporate from the mat, but any waste products (i.e., salts and minerals) are absorbed. The evaporation means that the sheets underneath may feel cool to the touch, giving a damp feeling, and may even have a slight smell from the vapours, but this doesn’t mean that urine has escaped.

By the time you’ve washed your PeapodMat, you'll find that the sheets no longer have that cold, damp feeling, and any smell will have disappeared – leaving the sheets clean and dry with no need to launder. If you were to test the PeapodMat with a glass of water, you'd find that it doesn't leak through.


When Should I Replace My PeapodMats?

On average, you can use your PeapodMat for up to 500 washes! Replace your PeapodMat every two years or so, depending on how often you’re using it.

We recommend having a few PeapodMats at a time if you’re a caregiver or you have young children. That way, if your loved one wets the bed, you can whisk the mat off, throw another one down, and put the soiled mat in the hamper. This means you don’t have to stress about doing laundry right away – especially when it’s the middle of the night. No one needs that!

Now that you don’t have to wash your sheets daily or spend so much time cleaning up accidents, you can actually enjoy bedtime, tummy time, and camping again! And that is money well spent.

Can I give a PeapodMat as a gift?

Giving someone a PeapodMat as a gift can indeed be a thoughtful and practical gesture, especially if the recipient is someone who could benefit from its use due to incontinence issues. Here's how the choice can convey love and care.

Partner or Spouse

While a PeapodMat may not seem romantic in the traditional sense, the act of giving one can be profoundly loving. It signifies a commitment to standing by the recipient through thick and thin, offering practical assistance and support when needed.


For friends, giving a PeapodMat can be a gesture of empathy and support. It shows that the giver is there for the recipient during difficult times and is willing to offer assistance without judgment. It can strengthen the bond between friends by fostering open communication and trust.

friends hugging

Support Group

In the context of an incontinence support group or community, giving a PeapodMat can serve as a symbol of solidarity and understanding. It demonstrates empathy for the challenges faced by fellow members and a willingness to provide practical solutions to improve their quality of life. It can also foster a sense of belonging and mutual support within the group.

Overall, regardless of the relationship between the giver and the recipient, giving a PeapodMat as a gift is a gesture of love, care, and support. It communicates a message of acceptance, empathy, and a commitment to helping the recipient navigate the challenges of incontinence with dignity and comfort.

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