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7 Images That Sum Up Parenting

We all love a good meme - laughter and silliness are needed in our day. Stress relief. A small break. A good guffaw. All excellent reasons to reach for your phone and check out a few memes.

Parenting is sometimes complicated; we can feel somewhat alone in our day-to-day life with what our kids throw at us (literally and figuratively). And then we stumble upon a meme that perfectly translates our experiences—cue laughter and sending to friends. 

The PeapodMats team chose their top 7 hilarious parenting memes to share with you. And maybe help you through the day. Here’s to the nods and the laughter (and sometimes the tears, and not just your children’s) that can come along with parenting. Enjoy!

1. I have kids

 Raise your hand if you can relate. 

2. Model behaviour 

 A parent can dream.

[originally written by @fakeadultmom on Instagram]

 3. No sleep for the weary 

Whether its a late night feed or popping in to check on them on last time.

4. I'm up!

There's no going back to sleep after hearing that.

5. Maybe they can blame us (for everything)

What's the funniest thing your kids have blamed you for?

6. Regrets, I've had a few

Not a toy, but you won't regret a PeapodMat...

7. It's nice to be needed

Mom life isn't easy!

We were going to add a potty training meme to our list here too, but you may already think about this too much! 

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