April 10, 2018 2 min read

Disappointed in the quality of disposable mats? Concerned with their high cost and environmental impact? Stop using them right now! Here are five reasons to use washable mats instead. 

1. The cost

A disposable mat or $15 vinyl underpad might seem like a good deal, but are they? Think long term. A reusable waterproof mat can last up to 500 washes, and be used for so many different purposes -  sleepovers, outdoor activities, changing and potty training.

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2. Unnecessary hassle

The most common complaint we hear about disposable mats is the complicated removal. Mats tend to tear apart if not removed right away, and often leave behind difficult to remove glue stains and residue. But it gets worse. Inexpensive disposable mats often use cheap dyes, which can run onto your furniture - leaving permanent damage.

3. The environment

We can’t argue that disposable mats don’t have some conveniences. But at what cost to the environment? Not only are disposable baby products the 3rd largest consumer item in landfills, but they also require far more resources and raw materials for production than washable ones. 

4. The look and feel

On your bed, or on your couch - it doesn’t matter where you put them, disposable bedwetting mats are just plain ugly.

And put yourself in your child’s shoes. If your child uses a pad that clearly indicates bedwetting issues, it could cause unnecessary uncomfort when friends are over.. Washable mats look and feel just like normal sheets, drawing less attention to any issues or fears your child might have.

boy & dog sitting on top of PeapodMats bedwetting mat on the bed

5. Staying where you put it

You might be one of the lucky few who found a disposable mat that actually stays in place. If not, consider a reusable mattress protector that has been designed to grip surfaces. Ours stays in place without flaps, straps, glue, or Velcro. 

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