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I am a proud mother of two children (boy & girl) and the wife of an entrepreneur who created a hot yoga mat that is water absorbent and machine washable.

I first started using the hot yoga mat when my children were just a few weeks old. I used to place the infant bathing tub on top of the mat so the carpet would not get wet. I also used it for baby tummy time on our bed or on the floor in case they went pee.

When they outgrew the change table I used the mat for changing them on the floor. The mat became one of my “must haves!” I took it to restaurants, shopping malls, community centres and used it anywhere I needed to change my babies and to protect items like car seats and strollers. Then there was potty training.

I was so excited when my kids were at the potty training stage but I quickly started to wish they stayed in diapers forever when I realized when they peed the bed it created more laundry for me and one more job I had to do in the morning. Not to mentioned pee stained the mattress.

One night, I placed the mat on top of my child’s bed sheet and in the morning I discovered the pee had not gone through the mat. The sheets and mattress (and me) were saved! All I had to do was remove the mat and put it in the washing machine with the rest of our laundry and I was back to enjoying my coffee in the mornings.


I am a proud mother of an extremely active and outgoing little boy. I had recently met Liz and shared with her my frustration with potty training.

I had just gone through a very tough week of having to change and wash bedding every day. Changing the bedding daily was the WORST for me. My son has a bunk bed and I can’t tell you how many times I either hit my head or squished my fingers tucking the sheets over that “one” corner. I became very irritated and at times frustrated with my little guy, which of course we all know is a “no-no” when it comes to potty training.

As I traveled quite a bit for work I was always on the lookout for something that would make the potty training process easier. I tried a number of different products including the liners you place on top of sheets but they didn’t work. In the morning, I would find the liner bunched up in a corner of the bed, the sheets wet and…it was another day of stripping the bed and more laundry! Not to mention, I’m not a diligent laundress and it cost me. I would never remember to switch the dryer to “delicate” and it melted the liner backings. I was out of products to use and then Liz thankfully saved me and gave me a yoga mat to use.