3 Column - Peapod Mats About


No more plastic disposable bed mats you use one time or plastic mats that melt in the dryer.

PeapodMats are reusable up to 300-500+ washes!







Quality, Waterproof Absorbent Mat

PeapodMats are 100% waterproof. There will be no leakage on to your bed sheets or mattress.

PeapodMats are BREATHABLE from top to bottom and so comfortable to sleep on! NO crinkle plastic or cold vinyl feel! BREATHABLE means no sweating, rashes and reduced bed sores!

PeapodMats are easy to place on your bed. No need to tuck around the mattress, or wrap around mattress corners.

Convenient & Hassle-free

Take your PeapodMats with you when you travel. It is easy to pack and take along!