Potty Training Awareness Month

Potty Training Awareness Month

June is a potty training awareness month 

Potty training can be one of the most stressful times for both parents and little ones, and whilst potty training awareness may 'officially' only last one month, we know that the journey to being diaper free is far from short.

Here we detail some of our favourite tips, insights & words of wisdom to keep you and your child happy. 


Insight: Not all of your children will potty train the same

Every child is as unique as their DNA makeup. When it comes to potty training, you can never be too sure of yourself. It's going to come down to your child's individual learning style. Just remember not to blame them if they're not as easy as the children before them. They're doing the best they can, even when it doesn't feel that way.

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Tip: Getting through co-sleeping with a dry bed

Co-Founder Liz Brezer says: "My son used to co-sleep with us during his potty-training days, so after waking up a few nights soaked, I placed a PeapodMat vertically on the side he crawled into at night - and then one horizontally so when he shuffled over to me our bed still had coverage."


Insight: Keep calm & carry on potty training

Is potty training driving you nuts? We’ve been there too! You are probably surrounded by many other parents - online and offline - who tell you tips and tricks that will magically potty train your toddler. The worst thing that can happen is that you try and none of those tricks work on your kid. Read our '4 Things to Remember When Potty Training' post, take a deep breath and carry on.  


Tip: How to choose the right pee pad for kids

A lot of the stress around bedwetting and potty training can be alleviated just by using the right mattress protector, so we’ve put together a little guide for things to consider when shopping for a kids pee pad.


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