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How to Use PeapodMats: Pee Pads For Pets

PeapodMats are versatile leakproof mats that are often used for pet training, bedwetting and incontinence. There are plenty of different uses for our mats and we want to show you how they can be useful as waterproof mats for pets.

PeapodMats are waterproof, absorbent mats that offer a variety of uses for our fur babies. Whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy and are working on training them, or you have an older pet that has struggles with incontinence, a PeapodMat can help protect your couch, carpets and floors, or your mattress from accidents

Use 1: Puppy Training Pee Pad

There are so many puppy pee pads on the market, but none like PeapodMats. Our mats are waterproof, leakproof, and absorbent for up to 6 cups so they hold a lot of pee! Plus, they’re reusable and come in a few different colours to best match your decor.

The medium PeapodMat measures 3” by 3” and is a popular size for those seeking pee pads for dogs. It can be easily placed next to your door or in a designated corner for your new puppy. Just like a disposable puppy pee pad, but reusable and sustainable!

Use 2: Incontinence in Older Pets

Whether you’re caring for incontinence in an elderly dog or caring for an incontinent cat, PeapodMats are there to help. The top layer of every PeapodMat is 100% cotton so it’s soft and comfy for your pet to cuddle on, and the ideal pee pad for older dogs and cats.

Our medium sized mat is a great option here too and can easily be laid on your pet’s bed or their favourite cuddle spot on the couch. The grippy bottom keeps the mat in place so you can rest easy knowing your furniture is protected even as they wiggle into place.

Use 3: Dog Blanket for Car

There is nothing worse than loading a wet and muddy dog into the back of your freshly cleaned car. We shudder just thinking about the mess! Luckily, PeapodMats are easy to travel with and can be quickly thrown down in your trunk or on the back seat to protect your car from your messy dog.

We’ve been using our largest size mat, which is 3” by 5”, to keep the back of our cars clean for years now. So your beloved dog can have their fun out in the rain, and mud or even go for a swim and you don’t have to worry about the mess in your back seat. Now that’s a win-win!

Use 4: Whelping Mat

Pet mamas need luxury too! If your beloved fur baby is ready to welcome her own set of fur babies, the PeapodMat is a great option as a whelping mat. Or before she gets there, PeapodMats can also protect your furniture from any messes when your pet is in heat.

Our leakproof design will prevent any liquids from damaging your flooring and any stains or odours will wash out in the washing machine. The large size gives your new mama some space to move around and for her new babies to cuddle on.

Use 5: Cat Litter Mat

Keeping the area around your cat’s litter box is a constant battle. PeapodMats can help make this easier for you! Our small size is an excellent option for a cat litter mat. It will stay in place and help keep tracked litter to a minimum in your house.

PeapodMats were designed with love for the most important members of our families. We love using our mats to help make our lives and our fur babies’ lives easier. If you’ve recently brought home a new pet, are caring for an older pet or are just looking for a versatile product that can protect your home and car from messes, we strongly recommend getting yourself a PeapodMat.

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