How to Prepare For Your Teen's First Period

How to Prepare For Your Teen's First Period

When we were teens, we HATED getting our period. 

And that first one? The worst. It’s often unexpected and getting your period can be very uncomfortable. 

Today, there are heaps of great period products that make getting your first period easier. Being ready with pads, tampons, period-proof underwear and even leakproof mattress protectors like PeapodMats can help your teen accept the new reality.  Here are five items we recommend to create the best period kit for the house to prepare you and your daughter for this milestone. 

Pads to Tampons

It’ll be personal for your teen on what they prefer to use, from pads and tampons to even menstrual cups. There are a lot of brands available now, like the DivaCup. The best option is to have a supply or selection of all at home so they can test them themselves and decide from there. 

menstrual cup

Period Proof Garments

There are tons of leakproof products available now, including period-proof underwear and even sleeping shorts. They come in all styles, sizes and colors and offer leak protection from light to heavy days. 

Knix is a great Canadian-born brand that sells period underwear and Thinx is an innovative New York based company that sells a line of period panties. 

If your teen isn’t a fan of pads or tampons, these garments provide another option that is just as effective. 


Getting up and out of bed during your period can be a pretty traumatic thing. Sometimes, you find a bloody mess on the sheets in the morning. And really, that can be a bit of a crap way to start the day. 

Our PeapodMats are leakproof mats designed to protect your bedding from fluids. They lay on top of the sheets and stay in place even when you toss and turn in the night. So your teen won’t have to worry about an uncomfortable sleep with a towel that may or may not do the job. 

large PeapodMat on single bed

The large PeapodMat covers a twin mattress vertically or a double mattress horizontally and requires no tucking in as it has a grippy bottom. Just throw it in the wash, and you can use it again and again. 

Pain Relief

Not all like taking over-the-counter products for pain; we recommend a classic heating pad or hot water bottle. They work wonders on cramps. Etsy offers cute water bottle covers, so you can “make it fashion,” too.  

Period Tracker Apps

There are so many different online period tracking tools and apps that can help your teens monitor when their symptoms like cramps and acne so they can get an idea of when their period might be starting. It’s a great way to learn how to track their menstrual cycles, limit surprises and understand their bodies better.

Some apps can also help them understand what is normal for that first period. And really, what to expect. 

Make A Period Kit

Have fun with it! We suggest you pick up a bag and collect all the items together in one spot. A girl’s menstrual cycle can start any time from the age of 10 to even 15-16 years old, so it’s best to be like the Girl Guides and “Be Prepared.” 

You can then act quickly when that first period arrives and provide a the menstrual product your teen needs (and save yourself a quick run to the store to pick up emergency items). 

That first and subsequent period is a significant milestone in a teen’s life. What to do when your daughter gets their first period? Preparing with a few items at home can make it easier.

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