Bedwetting and Sleepovers: Tips & Tricks

Bedwetting and Sleepovers: Tips & Tricks

A sweet childhood memory can be from a sleepover party - a child's first experience of freedom. Escaping their parents and giggling with friends until 3:00 am. But for those children who experience bedwetting, sleepovers might mean they have fears to work through.

We're parents here at PeapodMats, so we're sharing a few tips and tricks from our experiences with our children to help relieve bedwetting and sleepover stress for you and your kids. To cut to the chase; we suggest you pack a sleeping bag, PeapodMat, plastic bag and a second pair of PJs, and your little one will be just fine.

And do note that children experience bedwetting for many reasons. We're not medical doctors, we're here to share how we handled it as parents.

While not an easy night for all children, for those that experience some bedwetting (and it happens to many kids), there are things we can do to help them feel a little less anxious.

Talk About It

Be sure to give the host's parents a call (or a text convo) to discuss bedwetting and your solutions.

We suggest asking them to put a night light in the bathroom, so it's easier for all to find. Maybe even send one over (it could make for a cute host or hostess gift, too!). Place all embarrassment aside and lean on your parental friends. Share what's happening and your solutions.

Talk with your little one as well. The "what to do when you wet the bed at a friend's house" conversation is essential. And one that we should all have with our kids to ensure that they don't feel any shame around this.

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Bedwetting & Sleepovers: What To Pack

Two Sets of Pajamas 

We suggest packing two pairs of identical PJs. If there is a bedwetting incident when sleeping away from home, your child can climb back into a new (and dry!) pair of PJs, and nobody will know the difference come morning.

A Sleeping Bag

If your child brings their sleeping bag, they won't worry about bedwetting in a new bed or spoiling linens.

You could even suggest to the host's parents that they ask all kids to bring their sleeping bags for the night. It's a fun change for the kids and nobody is singled out.

PeapodMat packed in bag for a sleepover

Your PeapodMat

The large PeapodMat can be slipped into your child's sleeping bag and will absorb moisture if your child needs extra support during the night. The PeapodMat will keep the sleeping bag dry and won't leak.

There won't be any crinkling sounds, like some plastic sheets. Your little one can roll it up in their sleeping bag and throw it all in the laundry (or rather have you do it!) when they arrive home.

An Extra Bag

Add a plastic or recyclable shopping bag to your child's sleepover bag. Then they can stuff their wet sleeping items into the bag and bring them home (to you!).

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Try a Rehearsal at Grandma & Grandpa's

We also suggest planning a rehearsal sleepover for your bedwetting child at the grandparent's house. Pack all the items on our bedwetting & sleepovers packing list - including sleeping bag and PeapodMat. Change into the second pair of PJs and roll it all up in the morning. This could release some sleepover anxiety if they know they have a plan and supplies if they wet the bed.

With these tips, your child can focus on laughing, playing, and eating all the snacks accompanying a sleepover party.

Let us know how it goes, and if you have any additional ideas, you'd like to share with other parents. We hope your child has a great time at their next sleepover. And you too, however that looks!

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