Why did we create the PeapodMats and What can it do?

We understand the challenges that bed wetting brings. Mattress covers may have been the common solution, but they don’t solve having to change bed sheets constantly and can only be limited to using on the bed. Plastic mats can be uncomfortable and rarely stay in place. That is why we created a product that is going to change the way you deal with bed wetting. 100% waterproof and the best part is, that you can use it for any purposes beyond the mattress.
We hope you try our product and join our growing list of satisfied customers. We don’t want you to take our word for it, but we do recommend reading our approved and tested reviews that could help you make the decision.

PeapodMats are re-created bedwetting/incontinence mats that are BREATHABLE, DON’T MOVE & are DESIGNED FOR ALL AGES!


PeapodMats 1.5×1.5
(.45m x .45m)

$24.99 CAD

Currently available only in Grey


PeapodMats 3×3
(.91m x .91m)

$49.99 CAD


PeapodMats 3×5
(.91m x 1.5m)

$69.99 CAD

PeapodMats are simply amazing and versatile mats that are unlike any conventional waterproof covers on the market today

100% Waterproof

PeapodMats are 100% waterproof. There will be no leakage on to your bed sheets or mattress.

Reducing carbon print

No more plastic disposable bed mats you use one time or plastic mats that melt in the dryer.


PeapodMats are reusable up to 300-500+ washes!

Non-slip, grippy bottom

Unlike other pee pads, the PeapodMats stay in place exactly where you put it!

Breathable and soft

PeapodMats are BREATHABLE from top to bottom and so comfortable to sleep on! NO crinkle plastic or cold vinyl feel! BREATHABLE means no sweating, rashes and reduced bed sores!

Hassle Free

Regular wash and dry keeps your PeapodMats clean. No special washing instructions required.

NO flaps, straps, or Velcro

PeapodMats are easy to place on your bed. No need to tuck around the mattress, or wrap around mattress corners.


Take your PeapodMats with you when you travel. It is easy to pack and take along!

Use beyond the Bed

The PeapodMats are not limited to using on the bed. You can protect other surfaces likes couches, wheelchairs, car seats, stroller seats and much more.

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Machine washable PeapodMats allow your child to gain back control over their bedwetting problems
Adult using PeapodMats, waterproof mats that protect your furniture, mattress and other surfaces3x5 Navy Blue PeapodMat horizontal on double/queen bed
PeapodMats are waterproof mats that prevent leakage during bed wetting - multipurpose use also good for seniors and adults as Seen on CBC Dragons Den

Our Clients’ Testimonials prove that the PeapodMats work!

``I'll go check on the kids at 2 AM and D will be soaked and snoozing right through it. So, I change him while he is half asleep, but I don't want to change all of the sheets on the bed, along with a mattress protector underneath. So what's an easier solution? Something that lays over the mattress that the child sleeps on! PeapodMats were created with parents in mind.- Gena - Captain Fussy Buckets
``It doesn’t matter if your kids are potty trained. It doesn’t matter if your kids don’t have night time accidents. You think you don’t need waterproof PeapodMats, but I’m here to tell you, you do need these fluidproof beauties. Believe it.`` - Staci - November Sunflower
``The PeapodMats was created to help parents and children through the oops moments. The mats are for multi purpose use and all ages. The mats can be used for the top of bedding mattress for accidents, protecting strollers, couches, car seats, changing mat, high chair liner and more. The use of the mat is endless.`` - Francisca - Moms Best Of
``As the parent of a 5 year old who still has nighttime accidents regularly I was really eager to see if these PeaPodMats held up to nighttime use. So often waterproof mattress pads have failed to provide any protection because my son accidentally kicks them down to the end of the bed, or because it simply was no longer waterproof after being washed a handful of times. I laid the PeaPodMat on my son’s bed and after a night it was still in place. It didn’t even budge!`` - Emily - My Kids Guide. Educational games and activities for kids
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