Liz Story

Liz Story



This Mom-Invented Product Saves Your Nerves, Time And Money

Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Invent it. That’s what two badass moms, Amanda and Liz, decided to do when they were fed up with changing sheets every day.


"I couldn't handle it."

Amanda says honestly that changing the bedding daily was the worst for her: “My son has a bunk bed and I can’t tell you how many times I either hit my head or squished my fingers tucking the sheets over that “one” corner.”

As a busy working mom she was always on the lookout for something that would make potty training process easier. She tried a number of solutions until one day she was out of products to use. That’s when Liz came in and gave her a yoga mat to use.

A yoga mat? Yes, a yoga mat.

Liz is a wife of an entrepreneur who created a hot yoga mat that is water absorbent and machine washable. She started using the mat when her children were only a few weeks old - as a tummy time mat, baby changing mat, potty training and bed wetting mat.


This was exactly what Amanda was looking for. The two moms realized it was something that other parents like themselves would appreciate. Two years later Amanda and Liz are successful business owners, their products rock the world of kids products.


PeapodMats Are For Any Oops Moments,
No Matter The Age 


Baby Changing

PeapodMats are perfect for baby changing, carrying it with you wherever you go. We also recommend using the mats for 'nudey' tummy time, bathing and playing.


Potty Training

Potty training has never been easier! Use PeapodMats on the floor, on the couch or in a bed. It stays in place exactly where you put it and keeps in all the liquids.


Bed Wetting

There is nothing like changing an entire bed in the middle of the night after your child wets the bed. PeapodMats protect the bedding and mattress underneath.




Six Reasons Why PeapodMats Are Beloved By Children And Parents


Saves Money In Long Term

Accidents happen, no matter how old your kid is. PeapodMats are more expensive than other solutions available, but they last much, much longer. The average $69 mat will last you 300 - 500+ washes, whereas other pads last maximum 20. The cost per wash cycle is only $0.14 - $0.23 cents. No other mat compares. 


100% Waterproof

 PeapodMats are 100% waterproof. There will be no leakage on to your bed sheets or mattress.


Stays Where You Put It

 Unlike other pee pads, the PeapodMats stay in place exactly where you put it. The best thing? There are no flaps, straps or Velcro involved. No need to wrap it around mattress corners. 


The Size Fits The Purpose

 The mats we produce come in three different sizes: 1.5x1.5, 3x3 and 3x5. They are produced to meet the needs: be it on a chair, car seat, couch, changing table, bed. 


Environment Friendly

 No more disposable mats. No more plastic that melts in your dryer. PeapodMats were designed to be as green as possible and reduce carbon footprint. 


Happy Customers Say It All

 “Awesome, awesome! Wish we had found these sooner!”

“I wish I'd known about this product sooner. It's a LIFESAVER. Not just a mattress saver but most importantly a peace of mind.”

“Outstanding quality! Heavy enough to stay in place. Soft enough to sleep on. Highly recommend!”