Peace of mind… A wonderful wonderful wonderful product! We are in our 80s and my husband has had an urostomy due to cancer and he now has an urostomy bag that leaks at night when sleeping. I used to have to wake up with him in the middle of the night to change the sheets but now that he uses a PeapodMat he will wake up and remove the mat and quickly go back to sleep and I don’t even wake up. The PeapodMat is revolutionary!” - Chris, Canada

By the way, because I have been so happy with the larger mat, weeks ago I recommended your product to other people. Because I have it, I sleep soooo much better at night knowing that the mattress is protected and getting things cleaned up is simple. I love it! - LR,  Canada

Everyone that’s been in contact with me has absolutely LOVED the idea of PeapodMats! Also, my grandma has been using the PeapodMat and it’s literally changed the way she sleeps! We had to write her name on it so no one else took it from her at her retirement community! It truly is such a quality product! :) - Kristi, USA


Additional Uses for your PeapodMats!