October 15, 2021 4 min read

And announcing our new take on an old classic – the BiB

Over six years ago, we set out to solve some of the challenges of bedwetting for parents and caregivers like us. Now, we're happy to announce we're stepping it up again – introducing our ultra-soft jersey cotton sheets and our new BiB.

Potty training, bedwetting, caregiving – it's all messy. But there's no reason to be ashamed. Faster cleanups make caregiving easier for you and more comfortable for your loved ones.

Our New Jersey Cotton Sheets

Our Ultra Soft Jersey Cotton bed sheets make going to bed feel like getting into your favourite t-shirt! This sheet set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one standard pillowcase. These sheets are wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and machine-washable. They're designed for single-sized beds and come in our signature granite colour.

Our new sheets and leakproof PeapodMats are the perfect pairings. These are designed for potty training children, older children who still wet the bed, adults with nighttime enuresis, and even people with the flu or who otherwise sweat while they sleep.

PeapodMats Gray Sheets

The Sheets:

  • Made from 100% ultra-soft jersey cotton
  • 200 thread count: These jersey-knit sheets feel just like your favourite t-shirt
  • Single/Twin Size
  • Set includes: 1 fitted sheet (39"x76"x16"), 1 flat sheet (67"x96"), 1 standard pillowcase (20"x30")
  • Easy care and wrinkle resistant
  • Machine Washable

We hope you love our new products as much as we loved designing them for you!

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Our New Washable, Leakproof BiB

The BiB by PeapodMats is the perfect leakproof solution for anyone who has difficulty eating. It comes in two sizes – 20" x 36.4" without a food catcher and 20" x 26.7" with.

We recommend the washable and leakproof BiB for the elderly, people with disabilities, bed-ridden patients, those managing after a stroke, or people living with Parkinson's, dementia, or Alzheimer's.

The BiB has a soft, terry cotton exterior and a layer of environmentally friendly leakproof material to keep spills contained. Anyone who has difficulty eating or drinking (or their caregivers) will find the BiB a welcome addition to their dinner time routine. It’s easy to wash and works well for any messy activities like cooking, crafting, or even protection for those with motion sickness!

The BiB by PeapodMats

The BiB by PeapodMats:

  • Made from soft, reusable, breathable materials
  • Snap closure
  • 100% leakproof: Keeps clothing clean and dry!
  • Optional food catcher: The built-in crumb catcher stops food and spills from reaching the floor, making cleaning hassle-free.
  • Sizing: 20" x 36.4" without a food catcher. 20" x 26.7" with a food catcher.
  • Reusable: Use the BiB for up to 500+ washes
  • Stays in place: Once secured, the bib won't shift or move out of place

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Your BiB Questions Answered

What is the BiB made of?

Our bibs are made from our unique triple-layer POD-TEX™ technology to create a leakproof, breathable and reusable bib.

The top layer is made from 100% terry cotton so it’s soft to the touch and easily absorbs any spills. This layer is grid stitched, which helps prevent bunching or movement. Once it’s on, it’ll stay in place.

The middle layer is made from polyester wadding that absorbs and disperses moisture quickly in order to ensure that the bib stays leakproof.

The under layer is made from coated polyester. This is the layer that ensures the bib is water-resistant.

Our BiB features TPU waterproof coating and is certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates. PeapodMats® are a green solution for the environment!

Who is the BiB for?

The BiB is made for anyone who has difficulty eating or drinking and their caregivers. This might include elderly people, those with disabilities or limited mobility, bed-ridden patients, Alzheimer’s patients, those with dementia, people recovering after a stroke, people with Cerebral Palsy, those with Bell’s Palsy (a temporary paralysis in the facial muscles), patients with Parkinson’s, or of course, young children!

What is the BiB designed to do?

The BiB is designed to absorb foods or liquids for anyone with difficulty eating or drinking (see above). It’s a useful addition to mealtime or while drinking. It’s also useful in other messy activities like cooking, crafting, or even protection for those with motion sickness!

How big is the BiB?

We have two versions of the BiB available for you:
20" x 36.4" without a food catcher
20" x 26.7" with a food catcher.

How do I wash the BiB?

You can machine-wash and dry the BiB or the BiB with a food catcher with like colours. Essentially, treat it like a handtowel in your regular wash. We don’t recommend you use fabric softener, dryer sheets, dryer balls, or bleach, however. These products are known to reduce the quality of waterproofing. Vinegar or Oxyclean may be used once in a while if you need to deodorize your BiB.

Is the BiB truly waterproof?

The BiB has a waterproof undercoating, but it is not technically waterproof as its outer layers absorb, rather than repel, water. Instead, it is leakproof. Once a liquid goes in, it’s not coming back out, until you wash it of course.

How much liquid does the BiB absorb?

The BiB will safely absorb and hold half a cup of liquid.

Want To Win Some New Products?

We’re giving away the ultimate PeapodMats bundle to two lucky winners! Each bundle includes one PeapodMat and our two new products - a sheet set to match your mat and The BiB by PeapodMats.

Tell us your PeapodMats story for a chance to win this amazing bundle. Check out our Facebook page for more details on how to enter! 


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