PeapodMats Kids “Happy Customers”

Testimonials from our lovely customers
We’re really happy to see PeapodKids customers share their experiences and appreciate our product

I’m writing to say Peapod Mats have been a God send for us. My six year old son has special needs and since going on a feeding tube he has had problems with night vomiting and severe bed wetting. We have used the pads you get from the hospital but they are small and move around. Someone suggested your Mats and I’m thrilled. I bought the larger size grey mat which fits his twin bed and covers the surface perfectly. He moves around a lot at night and they stay put and they are soft and breathable so he’s not sweating.
In one night I had two vomiting spells, changed the Mats, threw each in the washer and dryer and back onto the bed. When changing them, I don’t even have to take him off the bed.
These Mats are genius and I’ve recommended them to my Facebook Mom groups and others I know. Thank you for making my life easier and my son’s life more comfortable!”
– Poppy

Taken from comments from the Toys”R”Us Canadawebsite:
“I have used this for my son who wets many nights per week – it remains waterproof and soft to sleep on after multiple washes. I recommend this to my clients who are using bedwetting alarms.”
Cathy – bedwetting consultant from Toronto

“All of it ended up on the PeadPodMat. Good. I’m not changing the full sheet. It takes too frickin’ long!”
Heard this morning as our son has not been wearing a night diaper for the last week and inevitably there have been accidents during the transition.
Bed sheets: 0 PeapodMats: 1

“I love your peapod mats! I bought one for my 4-year-old who no longer wants to wear diapers to bed, but still wets the bed a few times a week. It`s a breeze to wash and dry and I love the convenience of not having to wash her entire bed.”
FM – Canada

“By the way, because I have been so happy with the larger mat, weeks ago I recommended your product to other people. Because I have it, I sleep soooo much better at night knowing that the mattress is protected and getting things cleaned up is simple. I love it!”
LR – Canada

“I love your product. Love, Love, Love it.”
Janet – Canada

“Our son is 9 years old, and has been struggling with bedwetting for quite a long time. Even if he uses the washroom right before bed, and we wake him up to go again in the middle of the night, he is still wet in the morning. That comes with many headaches, between all the laundry and the cost of pull-ups, so we don’t completely wreck the mattress, this has become an issue for all of us. We decided to try using a PeapodMat, and we couldn’t be happier! It cuts the laundry down incredibly because instead of washing sheets, liners, covers etc. we just have to roll up the mat and throw it in the wash. The PeapodMat is totally waterproof so our mattress is safe, and our son is happy because now we let him go to bed without having to wear pull-ups. It has even given him enough confidence to have sleepovers with his cousins because his aunt can roll up the mat if it gets wet, and nobody will know. The thing I like the most, as a parent, is that it doesn’t move around the bed. It stays exactly where I put it when he goes to bed, and it is soft enough for him to sleep on directly! This has definitely been a game-changer for our son, and we’re starting to see our confident boy return to his old self now that the pull-ups are gone! Thank you PeapodMats!”
Laura C. – Canada

“The peapod mat has been a game changer for potty training our daughter. She can sit on the couch, she can go to bed, and we don’t have to worry about her having an accident. She loves her purple mat!”
Jennifer – USA

“I found your contact info on your website and wanted to write this to you because I thought it was so cute. I have a son who is 2 and still in pull ups and who son who is 4 who is out of pull ups but uses your pea pod mat at night for accidents. My 2 year old said to me last night. He was in his brothers bed – I sleep here. I like this. And he wouldn’t get out. You have a good product when a 2 year wants to use it!”
Jan – Canada

“I purchased both mats from Babies”R”Us Canada in Orleans and used them this weekend. A fabulous product! They are comfortable, cozy, did not slip out of place and work! I do hope you’ll continue to stock them at Babies R Us. It is my intention to email them also to express this wish.
Thank you so much.”
Barb – Canada

“I wish I’d known about this product sooner. It’s a LIFESAVER. Not just a mattress saver but most importantly a peace of mind. Completely does it’s job and much more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than hospital grade incontinence pads. In fact more absorbent due to the thicker design in comparison. I will absolutely be purchasing anither one so that i can always have one clean and ready for use.” Customer – USA

“After our Dragon’s Den show aired, we had a request from a customer in Australia asking if we would ship PeapodMats to her there. We agreed and worked out the shipping details. So in December we shipped her 3 PeapodMats…well wouldn’t you know it, this package ends up going by boat not air and for the longest time we thought the package just got lost in the Xmas rush. Well last week her parcel finally arrived! “Just letting you know that the PeaPodMats finally arrived yesterday and they are lovely. They were definitely worth the wait. smile emoticon! Once again, thank you so much for posting it out to Australia.” bought your product last week. I am so happy with it. My son is comfortable and his sheets are dry. I used to use a vinyl cover for his mattress but it would give him a rash because it wouldn’t breathe.

I have spent so money on different mattress pad and disposable pants. I only wish I found this product earlier!
Thank you”
Caroline – Australia

“I bought your product last week. I am so happy with it. My son is comfortable and his sheets are dry. I used to use a vinyl cover for his mattress but it would give him a rash because it wouldn’t breathe. I have spent so money on different mattress pad and disposable pants. I only wish I found this product earlier!
Thank you”
Kiri – Canada

“I’ve only had this on the bed for a week, so maybe I should wait to review. All my waterproof mattress covers dissapointed me after awhile, but so far this thing is awesome. I have a special needs child who is the size of a small adult. She wears pull ups, but they always leak when she is lying down. Most nights we end up stripping the bed. I got to where I layered sheets and mattress covers, so when she wet, I only had to peel a layer off. I also tried the disposable mats. They work, but they stay in place with adhesive strips and you sometimes couldn’t get all the adhesive material off in the morning. Also, they were hot and crinkled up every time she moved, and she moves a lot! She’s had 2 leaks since we started using this and it is super easy to just wash the pea pod mat. Also, it stays in place really well! I got the bigger size because she’s bigger and moves all over the place. She can leak multiple times a night, so would like another. Customer – USA

“This is the best news I’ve heard all day!! I didn’t know this existed!!!!! My three year old wears a diaper and we use the disposable bedtime mats because every few nights she pees through her diaper. I’m constantly changing her bed not to mention the cost of the diapers and mats!!! I’m buying one of these asap!!!! Thank you!!!”

France – FaceBook

“Fantastic, this mat has saved us a ton of time and aggravation. The mat covers a good half of his twin sized bed. Before, we were washing his sheets probably four times a week. Now we simply roll up the mat and wash that. We all appreciate it.”
Todd S – USA

“Dear Peapod mats I have a special needs daughter that requires her to take her waterproof pad with her everywhere she goes. But it used to be a real struggle to get her to do it. I bought her a peapod mat a while ago and we no longer fight about it. She treats it like her special blankie and takes it everywhere. This is a great product.”

Lindsay – Canada

“This is a fabulous product and solved our 2 year olds bed wetting issue from leaky diapers at night. He likes to toss and turn causing his diaper to shift and leak but these mats stay in place. They are soft and comfortable. They do not make any noise and wash up great. I was so happy to find these and to be able to throw out the ones with the plastic back that move and end up not even being under him by the morning and make crinkle noises all night. They are a little pricey but they truly are worth it to save your sheets and bed without hassle.” Customer – USA

“I became aware of the Peapod mats when a friend introduced me to this product. I am a senior who has recently undergone colorectal surgery. It was suggested that a Peapod mat could be helpful for me to use while recovering.
I can attest that this wonderful mat has fully lived up to expectations; it absorbs secretions while maintaining a comfortable surface. The Peapod mat has allowed me to rest in bed at night and feel safe and comfortable.. Both my wife (a nurse) and myself would recommend this product, as it contributes to my recovery as well as to our peace of mind.
Essentially, the Peapod mat has enabled me to maintain my dignity under trying circumstances with an ostomy bag in place, and contributes to my independence while reducing the burden I place on others.”
Dr. K. – Ottawa, Ont

“Dear Peapodmats. I see lots of reviews about using your mats with kids. I wanted to tell you I bought one for my mum for when she is in her wheelchair and it has worked wonderfully.”
Moira – Canada

“My daughter has eczema and every night I need to apply lotion all over her arms and legs. I bought the Peapodmat for her to sleep on so the lotion doesn’t get all over her sheets.”
Mark – Canada

“My son uses his PeapodMat all the time, it’s so soft he cuddles with it. I no longer have to change his sheets in the morning!”
Christina – Canada

Babies take time to avoid bed wetting - PeapodMats are waterproof; Product seen on CBC Dragons Den“this poor guys is a teething monster and has an awful diaper rash. Thank goodness for our PeapodMats mat making the airing it out a breeze!!”
Jen – Canada

“I was not relishing the prospect of toilet training my 2 year old son, having already been through the process with my first child.
I remembered all too clearly the changing of the sheets in the middle of the night and the seemingly endless loads of laundry. By the time everyone and everything was cleaned up, Mom and child were utterly exhausted.
Then my good friend gave me a Peapodmat and I am happy to report the days of no sleep are over!!! All I have to do is place the very soft cozy mat on top of the mattress. The Peapodmat stays firmly in place all night. If my son has a little accident, I have only to remove the mat and change his pjs. All carried out while he is half asleep and within 30 seconds.
I love this product. I only wish that it was available when I was toilet training my daughter!!!!!”
Lara – Canada

“For the first time in a LONG time my kid didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night because he wet his bed!! His peapod mat stayed under him when he peed and he pushed it off the bed himself. He had his wet pj’s with the mat and was sleeping on dry sheets when I went into his room this morning!! I love this thing, really I do!! Thank you!”
Laura – Canada

“The PeapodMats was created to help parents and children through the oops moments. The mats are for multi purpose use and all ages. The mats can be used for the top of bedding mattress for accidents, protecting strollers, couches, car seats, changing mat, high chair liner and more. The use of the mat is endless.”
Francisca – Moms Best Of

“This product has genuinely changed our lives.I would shout it from the rooftops, but out of respect for my son’s privacy, this will have to do!
It truly is just as absorbent as it claims to be. It can handle a regular flood and still protect the mattress.
We had tried everything under the sun with our 9 year old, and still had many ruined mattresses and many, many loads of laundry.
My son now sleeps right on top of this-it truly is soft and comfy- with his other bedding on top of him, and often the mat itself is the only thing that needs laundering. His room doesn’t smell, the mattress is protected-it’s flat out great…” To see the complete review visit…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
NWmom –

“Your product honestly is one of a kind and a family must have! Honestly, I am your BIGGEST FAN!!!!!! I was changing my son’s entire bed every.single.night until I discovered your mats!
Amanda – Multi-testing Mommy

“I’ll go check on the kids at 2 AM and D will be soaked and snoozing right through it. So, I change him while he is half asleep, but I don’t want to change all of the sheets on the bed, along with a mattress protector underneath. So what’s an easier solution? Something that lays over the mattress that the child sleeps on! PeapodMats were created with parents in mind.
Gena – Captain Fussy Buckets

“It doesn’t matter if your kids are potty trained. It doesn’t matter if your kids don’t have night time accidents. You think you don’t need waterproof PeapodMats, but I’m here to tell you, you do need these fluidproof beauties. Believe it.”
Staci – November Sunflower

“As the parent of a 5 year old who still has nighttime accidents regularly I was really eager to see if these PeaPodMats held up to nighttime use. So often waterproof mattress pads have failed to provide any protection because my son accidentally kicks them down to the end of the bed, or because it simply was no longer waterproof after being washed a handful of times. I laid the PeaPodMat on my son’s bed and after a night it was still in place. It didn’t even budge!” Read more:
Emily – My Kids Guide. Educational games and activities for kids

“There is nothing like changing an entire bed in the middle of the night after your child wets the bed. What if I told you that I am done doing that? That’s right – I won’t be changing the sheets anymore when my daughter has a nighttime accident.” Read more:
Megan – AhhMazing Reviews

Author and blogger Susan Nipa posted a fantastic article about our PeapodMats.
Susan Nipa – San Diego

“Bought my first peapod mat during a sale last week, and started using it the day it arrived. BEST THING EVER! My son thinks of it as his special blanket and already knows the routine of waking up and throwing it in the hamper. It’s made my life a little easier by just having to throw that in the washer instead of changing his sheets repeatedly and keeping him semi awake in the middle of the night while doing so. Thank you to whoever thought this up and made it a reality!”
Haylie – Edmonton

Newsy Parents – a dynamic duo that blogs, are traveling journalists and parents to two adorable girls from South Florida – wrote an amazing review of our PeapodMats! They even filmed their own video ( with their youngest daughter ‘lil tank’!
Please visit their website and checkout our review as well as their take on parenthood, fashion, food, fun and more!
Aileen – Florida

“Just wanted to say how much we love your mats! Our 4yr old has been toilet trained for a year and a half but had been having a really hard time staying dry at night. She was so sad every night to have to put on Pulls Ups but we didn’t see any other option. Since she has had the peapodmat it is a totally different story. Not only does it mean no more pull ups for her, she has only had 2 accidents in the last 2 months. The mat has given her such a boost in confidence and helped give her the lift she needed too cut back on her own when it came to drinks at night time. She also gets up in the night to pee know. This has made a world of difference for her and for us. Thanks!”
Erin – Halifax

“We’ve been using ours for about a month now, and it’s been a life saver… washes up beautifully and our kids love how it feels. no more soaking wet sheets! i wish this was around when the kids were babies!”
Kerry – Vancouver

“We’ve been using this daily for about a month now. I’ve washed it most every day with no shrinkage. It has never leaked through to the sheets. Not ever. It’s soft, and true to their word, it doesn’t move around on the bed even though my four year old does. And it’s big enough that he stays on it even when he moves around. I love it.”
Clarissa –

“Bought one and quickly ordered another! These are a must-have for potty training. If he has a nighttime accident there is no need to strip and remake the whole bed. Just peel off the Peapod mat and the bedding underneath is dry. Love these!”
FinnsMum –

“The peapodmat was great for travel! Since it is so soft and cozy there is no need to put it under the sheet- which means it is the only thing that needs to be laundered! No embarrassing calls to housekeeping in a hotel!! Having our peapod mat allowed us to relax and enjoy our holiday!”
Jenny – Vancouver

“These are awesome!!! I love the mats and definitely want to order another!!! I love that they can travel and go in the RV!!! Great for my little girlies!!! I like that they don’t make a crackling notice like some mattress pads!!! Helps the kids sleep because they’re comfy!!! My mom who’s a senior thinks you should market the seniors community too!!! There is a need for them too!!! Awesome!!! Great idea and love the Peapods!!!”
Robin – Armstrong

“Congrats ladies!!! We are very excited to have them in our store!! Many inquiries already!!”
Jodie, Max & Maude – Edmonton

“Awesome product guys. When are you coming out with the geriatric version?”
Lorraine – Oliver

“I received a peapod mat yesterday as a gift. I used it last night for the first time for some co-sleeping with my baby! Love it!!!! I’m going to have to purchase another. Great product! ”
Mellisa – Toronto

“I needed these while camping! I don’t know how many times I was washing out the cushions over the years! ”
Amanda – Edmonton

“Seb has bunk beds too and when he was Pottie training I needed you. I took all the skin off my knuckles changing his sheets. ”
Jacqueline – Vancouver

“Getting ready to potty train. We’d carpet the whole house in these if we could!”
Sam – Seattle

Amanda & Liz, we are getting great feedback about the mats. They are sooo popular that we are having trouble keeping them in stock.
Max and Maude – Edmonton

“This mat has really made my life a little easier this past week as it has made cleaning those mishaps a cinch. Thanks.”
Suzie – Vancouver

“I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I love the peapodmat (so much so, I bought a second one). Today it withstood an epic exploding-poop diaper, along with puddles of puke and pee that happened while I was cleaning the poop-covered little boy. We use the mat every day. You’ve developed a great product!”
Nicole – Vancouver

I bought one a month ago and it’s been AWESOME – just what we needed for our toddler at night as he is potty training. Thanks for the great product! You have saved me so much laundry and sheet changing work!
Angie – Vancouver

My son has had one pee accident on the mat which is good because that is what we are testing it for! We LOVE the quality of your product and I love how it doesn’t slip around in his bed – it stays in one place. My son loves how thick and soft it feels. Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy
Amanda – Toronto

I received a pea pod mat as a gift and I LOVE it! I use it daily. It’s so versatile; after the bath, for tummy time and diaper changes. It’s easy to travel with as well! It’s well made and easy to care for too, it’s been washed multiple times and still looks good as new!

“My wife and I have been looking for some time to find the right product to protect our custom made couch and love seat from the grand baby’s wetting on it. We found it in this product. I highly recommend it!”

“This is a life saver! My 6 year old still has nighttime wetting and this is perfect for him. He soaks through his cloth diapers and wool most nights. This also gives him a responsibility because he is in charge of bringing it to the washer if he has an accident.

No more stinky mattress! Will be getting another when we potty train number 3.”
Tanya, AMAZON Customer

“Best mat ever. My son is a mover while sleeping and this mat doesn’t move with him. I purchased the “LINENSPA 34″ x 36″ Absorbent Waterproof Sheet Protector Underpad with Soft Cotton Blend Cover” before this one only because it was cheaper and I read so many good reviews and I found that that one is good for absorbing only if you don’t move around while sleeping. My son also likes the peapod mat better as its soft and feels like carpet. Yes, it’s on the expensive side but totally worth it. Going to buy a second one soon as every once in awhile I forget to throw it in the wash and we have to resort to a pullup.”
Anna, customer

“I don’t think thank you is enough to tell you what you have done for our family. You have created a product that helps older children from the embarrassment of bed wetting accidents. She would cry because she couldn’t stop and was very frustrating for her. As a parent it was very hard on my heart to see her go thru this. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your mat travels with us and never leaks.”

“Just wanted to pass along a huge congratulations on your invention. I never write feedback for products but I am so impressed by your idea, marketing and product that I had to say job well done. We are struggling with a bed wetting phase with our almost 4 year old and this mat has helped so much. Our dryer is finicky and I think the giant loads of blankets sheets and mattress protectors were about to do it in! So much easier now! Plus it’s well made, colourful, and Canadian. I found your product through a simple google search, saw it was available at toys r us and went out to pick it up the same day. Great job getting your product on the first page with google and into a large retail store. I see a second one in our future already.”