PeapodMats Adults “Happy Customers”

Testimonials from our adult customers
We’re really happy to see PeapodAdult customers find our products helpful

“This begins with the process of laying claim to a permanent residence in my weathered body. This is my story about learning to cope with urinary incontinence…read full article here:

“Everyone that’s been in contact with me has absolutely LOVED the idea of PeapodMats! Also, my grandma has been using the PeapodMat and it’s literally changed the way she sleeps! We had to write her name on it so no one else took it from her at her retirement community! It truly is such a quality product! :)”
Kristi – USA

Peace of mind…”A wonderful wonderful wonderful product! We are in our 80s and my husband has had an Urostomy due to cancer and he now has an urostomy bag that leaks at night when sleeping. I used to have to wake up with him in the middle of the night to change the sheets but now that he uses a PeapodMat he will wake up and remove the mat and quickly go back to sleep and I don’t even wake up. The PeapodMat is revolutionary!”
Chris – Canada

“If I could buy a PeapodMat for every resident at my Dad’s facility I would!”
C. – Canada

“I love your product. Love, Love, Love it.”
Janet – Canada

“Viewed your Dragon Den presentation.  Great Idea.I am the guardian of my 90 year old aunt.  She resides in a nursing home.  A couple of months ago the nursing staff and I brainstormed the idea of getting her a couch and getting rid of her nursing bed (due to a range of reasons).  The nursing approved this feature.  The next feat was to find something to protect the couch.   We have been using crib mattress pads and construction vapor bearer under the pad to protect the couch. The plastic slips and slides and the crib mattress pads are forever twisting off the cushions.I have purchased a Peapod Mat and it is just what I was needing to complete her bedding ensemble.  I am going back to buy 2 more for laundry rotation. We are welcoming our first grandchild this summer and will definitely be purchasing more for him. Thank you for this brilliant idea! I hope your sales are going well and wish you the best.”
R.T. – Canada

“By the way, because I have been so happy with the larger mat, weeks ago I recommended your product to other people. Because I have it, I sleep soooo much better at night knowing that the mattress is protected and getting things cleaned up is simple. I love it!”
LR – Canada

“My husband, had bladder cancer and underwent surgery last May 2016 to remove his bladder and replace it with a neo-bladder (made from the small intestine). The operation was successful but he now has to retrain his new bladder. We purchased other covers for the mattress but he found he would wake up in a sweat due to the plastic backing. We heard about your product from the members of our Bladder Cancer Canada / Cancer de la vessie Canada Group in Ottawa. His sleep is now more comfortable, and any aid to help him win this battle is appreciated.

Thank you so much for this great invention.”
M.D. – Canada

“We are very happy with our peapod mats. They have met our expectations. We even travel with them. Highly recommend them and they have a multitude of uses for any situation that requires protection from water or moisture etc. Great product. Keep up the good work!”
P.M. – Canada

“Dear Amanda & Liz,

I just wanted to let you know how the peapod mat is helping me.I hope they will be in hospitals one day, every care home,medical store and perhaps even paid for by the Ministry for those of who need them. I know I will be a lifetime customer. Thanks again,”

C.I. – Canada

“Thank you so much for your Peapod Mats. I have certainly made good use of it over the last several weeks. For whatever reason I was having cold sweats at night following my surgery and the mat completely solved the problem for me.”
Judy – Canada 

“I became aware of the Peapod mats when a friend introduced me to this product. I am a senior who has recently undergone colorectal surgery. It was suggested that a Peapod mat could be helpful for me to use while recovering.
I can attest that this wonderful mat has fully lived up to expectations; it absorbs secretions while maintaining a comfortable surface. The Peapod mat has allowed me to rest in bed at night and feel safe and comfortable.. Both my wife (a nurse) and myself would recommend this product, as it contributes to my recovery as well as to our peace of mind.
Essentially, the Peapod mat has enabled me to maintain my dignity under trying circumstances with an ostomy bag in place, and contributes to my independence while reducing the burden I place on others.”
Dr. K. – Ottawa, Ont

“Dear Peapodmats. I see lots of reviews about using your mats with kids. I wanted to tell you I bought one for my mum for when she is in her wheelchair and it has worked wonderfully.”
Moira – Canada