What are PeapodMats made of?

The PeapodMat is a unique combination of 3 layers that creates a super-absorbent breathable waterproof mat!

Breathable terry cotton; grid stitched to prevent bunching

Polyester liner to absorb and disperse moisture

Brushed polyester to grip surfaces; coated with breathable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) waterproofing

How does the PeapodMat absorb the liquid?

Quickly! The liquid will disperse amongst the top and middle layer so that the liquid doesn’t ‘pool’.

How much liquid with the PeapodMat absorb?

Lots! The PeapodMat will safely absorb at least a litre of liquid. That is more than the average adult will urinate.

When the PeapodMat has been wet, the sheets underneath feel cool and/or damp with a slight urine smell but the underside of the PeapodMat is completely dry. Is this supposed to happen?

PeapodMats won’t leak but they do breathe! We made a conscience decision when designing PeapodMats that they be as BREATHABLE and green as possible. Because the TPU waterproof coating is a green solution to PVC, plastic or vinyl and is breathable, vapors can escape but not liquid.  Urine is made of over 90% water and water is the only thing that evaporates from urine. Any waste products (EI salts and minerals) are left behind.  Because the PeapodMat is breathable (BUT LEAK PROOF) the water from urine may evaporate. This means the sheets underneath may feel very cool to the touch (giving a damp feeling) and may even have a slight smell from the vapors. But in the time it takes you to wash your PeapodMat you will find that the sheets no longer have that cool damp feeling and any smell will have disappeared – leaving the sheets clean and dry with no need to launder.  If you were to test the PeapodMat with a glass of water you will find that it doesn’t leak through.


What size of PeapodMat should I order?

Great question! It will really depend on a few things. The size of the person using it, how much they move around and what surface they are protecting. Whichever PeapodMat size you choose we highly recommend that the PeapodMat be placed slightly under the pillow.  In our ‘Tips Video’ we show the best PeapodMat placement. Please visit our picture galleries (located in both the Kids and Adult tabs) for more clarification.

Do PeapodMats fit a larger bed than single/twin?

Yes! Please visit our picture galleries (located in both the Kids and Adult tabs) for more illustration.


Can I wash my PeapodMat with regular laundry?

Yes!  Launder with like colors and treat your PeapodMat like a big towel in your regular wash.  NOT recommended is the use of fabric softener, dryer sheets, dryer balls or regular use of vinegar or oxyclean.  These products are known to reduce the quality of waterproofing.

My PeapodMat isn’t completely dry from the dryer. Can I throw it back in or should I just air dry it?

Throw it back in! PeapodMats are designed for easy use therefore you aren’t required to any additional steps for washing and drying.


Do you have instructions on how to use the PeapodMat?

We do! We have both an instructional video as well as a tips video:

PeapodMats Demo Video:

PeapodMats Tips Video:

What is the best way to place our PeapodMat on the bed?

Thanks for asking! We highly recommend that the PeapodMat be placed slightly under the pillow.  Please watch our Tips Video: where we demonstrate the best PeapodMat placement!

Should my child still wear his pull up if he’s using a PeapodMat?

Not if you don’t want him to! However, we recommend that he wear both underwear and pj’s (vs one or the other). The male anatomy can be tricky and end up pointing in all directions in the middle of the night and it has been our experience that the waist band from both the underwear and pj’s ensures there isn’t a “spray” everywhere.   Save your money on buying pull ups!

My son developed a rash using a vinyl pad, will this happen if we use a PeapodMat?

Sorry to hear that! If that was because of lack of breathability you won’t have to worry with PeapodMats. We pride ourselves on the fact that PeapodMats are breathable while still being leak proof!

We are done using the PeapodMat for potty training. Are there other uses for PeapodMats?

You bet! Many of our customers have shared with us how they use their PeapodMats ‘beyond the bed’. Please check out the Kids tab to find out more!

Will you make a mat to use as a top sheet/blanket as well?

Possibly! We are continually thinking of ways to be innovative with our products…while keeping in mind it has to be easy to use and easy to wash.

Would PeapodMats be good for post-surgery?

Absolutely! We’ve had a number of customers purchase PeapodMats for this exact reason. In fact we have a whole list of additional uses that customers have shared with us. Please check out the Adults tab to find out more!

Should I use the PeapodMat in my baby's crib for sleeping on?

No! We don’t recommend using the PeapodMat for infants to sleep on or at any time unattended. We recommend using the PeapodMat for babies for ‘nudey’ tummy time, changing mat, or bath mat (attended of course!).

Buying & Shipping

Where can I buy PeapodMats?

From our website or please check out our Retailers for a store near you!


Where are the PeapodMats made?

They are made in Qingdao, China at a reputable manufacturer!

Do you ship outside of North America?

We do! We can ship you a PeapodMat directly from our website or for the best shipping rates and shipping schedule please visit our webstore